Career Opportunities

Research Intern

Brahma Capital is seeking a research intern to assist the executive and senior research team with a variety of tasks ranging from industry analysis and trend monitoring to basic machine learning programming. The research intern will have access to hundreds of hours of instructional curriculum and will spend 2-3 hours a day building on their programming knowledge and skills. The intern will have direct access to senior level staff and founders and will be actively involved in strategy meetings for Brahma Capital.

  1. BS or higher in CS or statistics working knowledge of C++, Python and Java desired
  2. Experience working in a mid-sized or larger corporation in data management for health care, transportation or logistics preferred

AI and Machine Learning Senior Research Analyst

Brahma Capital is currently seeking a senior level research analyst in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are focusing on AI, augmented/virtual reality applications for businesses. This position will work hand in hand with the founders and advisors of Brahma Capital. Brahma has a strong background in AR/VR and this position will help push new products at the enterprise level to increase foundational productivity for companies. This senior level position is an opportunity for the right person to join an experienced team looking to make a fast entrance into emerging AR/VR sectors. We are looking for someone experienced with Robotics, Neural Network modeling and AI machine learning algorithms.

  1. Strong CS fundamentals, including good working knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures
  2. Experience with Big Data Analytics: ETL, in-stream processing, batch processing, querying, workflows and workflow & query optimization.
  3. "Hands-on" experience with Big Data technologies like Hadoop, Map Reduce, Hive, Splunk , Kafka, Storm, etc.
  4. Good background of designing and implementing software systems using Java, C++, C#, C# scripting, Unity, Python
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